Rising Alma

Rising Alma
Rock Band
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The cage

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Sleepless mind

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All my trust

Currently, we have no future events.
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Rising Alma is a rock band based in
Berlin, Germany. It all started back when they met for the first time.
Besides being influenced by the same music and artists, they realized
they share the need to express themselves through music and began to
write songs right away to share their experiences and feelings with
other people. And so Noise Affection finally came into life.

Providing everyone with music, who is
looking for an authentic and modern rock sound, with distinctive guitar
riffs and unique melodic parts, their honest songs will surely strike
you with a palette full of colorful emotions and keep you wanting to
hear more from them.

When they are not playing at stages all
over Berlin, they are hard at work recording new songs. They plan to
release them as singles throughout the next months and release their
first album this year. So stay in tune to hear their music and check the
Events page so you don’t miss the chance and be part of one of their
high-powered shows.